Experience, passion and innovation: this is the recipe that for three generations has allowed us to renew the bond with the best artisan ice cream makers, to meet their needs and those of their customers with always updated solutions and healthy, genuine and above all good products!



Forty years of love for our work, attention to people and to quality of our products. Forty years of good things, done well and all by us.


All the competence, care and sensitivity of those who have always lived this craft with passion in the awareness of working as a artisan for artisans.


We invest in the best technologies but also in better and better products to meet the needs and tastes of a constantly changing market.



The story of Linea Gel began in 1976, but the art of confectionery is a family tradition inaugurated in the '30s by Vittorio De Nardo, father of the founder of Linea Gel.

Generation after generation the company has always remained family-run and today as in the last century it is a De Nardo, Claudio, to guarantee the quality of Linea Gel products, from the selection of the best raw materials to processing and packaging.

Today Linea Gel is a point of reference for ice cream makers, wholesalers and Italian and foreign industries; a modern and technologically advanced company that under the guidance of Claudio De Nardo combines innovation and tradition, preserving the spirit and craftsmanship in every aspect of production.

Linea Gel products are the result of this commitment, the same commitment that the company reserves in following its ice cream customers and in building a relationship of mutual exchange with them that continues even beyond the sale.